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Other Cool Stuff

Trading Cards -Get your Official Mark Hayward Trading Cards while supplies last! They're pretty darn close to free. -My blog. Check out what goes on after the show stops. A resource for information on renewable energy that I started.

Cool Art- For real. Check it out.

Snowheads!- Pretty self-explanatory.

Pumpkins!- Photos, plus carving tips and tricks.


Where to get stuff:

Merchandise from Mark!- Yo-yos, DVDs, and other exciting stuff you need. Great online store. Ships worldwide.

Which yo-yo should I buy?



Yo-yoing/ Tops: Excellent place to get started learning yo-yo tricks, and a continually growing list of all of the yo-yo tricks ever. The best place online for top spinners. Great videos & links. - Excellent top trick video library. The place to go for the most complete collection of top tricks.

The Glass Lab- Good videos of tricks for both yo-yos and tops.



MadFest! Every year the Madison Area Jugglers host a juggling festival and public show. It's ALWAYS a good time. Please join us if you're in the area in January.

Club passing patterns- Downloadable PDF of the Madison Area Jugglers Patterns Book.

IJA- The International Jugglers Association. Join today, it changed my life.

Juggler's Information Service (JIS)- A juggler's paradise.


Other Performers:

Zeemo! If you are in Michigan and looking for a yo-yo man, look no further, and contact Zeemo!

Flying Aces Pro Frisbee Team- Amazing Frisbee action. Also in Michigan.

Dan Grider- Sometimes in Minnesota, sometimes in Florida. He's funny.

There is always
time to have fun!

The One and Only, Mark Hayward

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